Supercharged partners for Startup studios.

We partner with entrepreneurs to build and buy the next generation of profitable businesses.

We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to launch startup studios that build profitable companies.

how we
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Bifrost Studios is built on four foundational pillars

Operating blueprints

We supercharge the startup studio process with our tried and tested company creation frameworks and free shared services.


We are self-funded, investing in a fifty-fifty ownership model and as part of our philosophy we aim to build for profit so our partners will never be diluted.

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We are able to play where traditional private equity can’t, and have developed a novel buy-and-build strategy that leverages the unique capabilities of startup studios.

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When you partner with us, you join a tight-knit community of elite entrepreneurs. We routinely host educational sessions, meet in the real world for big events and strive to make an actual thriving community, not just online.

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After many years of being on both sides of the table, as Founders  and investors, we have come to believe that the most direct path to creating profitable companies is through the startup studio model. Being highly invested in the success of our partners, we involve ourselves deeply in the operations of all startup studios.

Thorbjorn Ronje

With a track record of co-founding over ten companies such as Scaleup Finance, Risika, and Morph Capital (as well as numerous projects now residing in the junkyard), Thor has considerable hands-on experience with entrepreneurship. He has raised more than $30 million and achieved several successful exits within his portfolio. With a keen eye for human potential, a heart for mentorship, and a passion for the Nordic startup scene, he has invested in around 50 diverse companies and funds. Thor often plays a key role in the early architecture and business direction of these companies.

An avid macroeconomics enthusiast and trader, his love for sci-fi fuels his forward-thinking approach, helping him (sometimes) make informed predictions about the future of startup-land, the state of the economy, and everything in between.

Nicolai Rasmussen

Senior Partner and Board Member at Morph Capital with extensive experience in finance, fintech, product and software development, e-commerce, and early stage company building. He has co-founded four companies and has had two successful exits.

In addition to Partners, the Bifrost Studios team consist of accomplished entrepreneurs, venture builders, functional experts and a global workforce of freelancers.

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that are...

Deeply knowledgeable about a vertical and who have taken a startup from nothing to something significant or even better had an exit. Who are honest, reliable, results-driven, and straightforward.

Highly focused on a specific vertical and driven by solid processes and frameworks.

We are highly focused on businesses with limited downside and unlimited upside, which is typically in purple ocean markets.

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